Wyatt Underwood's Homestead

Linda Kelley Catherine Griffin Underwood

[Glamorous photo of Lindy

Lindy tells me she never looked like this except in my imagination. And maybe once in a photo studio. That's all right, I enjoy the picture and thought you might.

Lindy - her real name is Linda, as in the title of this page - and I got together in 1982 and have only been apart for business trips since then. I worked in England once for four days and three nights, and she's travelled to New York and San Francisco and San Jose. Actually she went to San Francisco half a dozen times.

We got together, and declared each other It! Within a week, we engaged to marry, and did so as soon as we could find an empty date in both our schedules - about five months later. We married in a park overlooking the beach and ocean and pier in Santa Monica. For our honeymoon, we motorcycled up the coast to Mendocino then down the great Central Valley of California and back home to Los Angeles.

We've created a living together that honors each other, and nurtures each other, and nurtures and encourages. Lindy said that neither of us knew what each really wanted in a relationship until we created it: the one who would just adore the other and keep finding new ways to love the other. It delights and inspires and calls for new expression always.

If there are gods (and there may be)
and they are kind (and they may be),
perhaps they formed the two of us
that we might make the one of we.

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