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cover for _Fixes for No Problems_

My first book of poems. Everything I'd ever done in my whole life was a fix for some problem. Now here I had these poems, which were indeed _Fixes for no Problems_.

cover for _Haiku Foryou_

My collection of 123 haiku - or somethings very like them.

cover for _Navigating Maleness_

At a poetry reading, in a book store, Dr. Brizendine's _The Male Brain_ nudged at my hand, rubbed against it, pushed a corner in. Well, okay, I'd always wondered.... I read it, fascinated, then wrote a poem to express what I'd learned and what I'd known as she led me through each stage. And added a few personal poems, vignettes with a new perspective from her writing.

cover for _Poems for HarleyRiders and Other Transcendentals_

Poems I thought most likely to share what riding a Harley is like.

cover for _Love in Interesting Times_

These are interesting times - in just the sense meant in the famous Chinese blessing-curse.

cover for _Under the Influence_

I was amazed by the Anansi Workshop, the participants and the poems they worked on. It's been going on for years at the World Stage down in Leimert Park, a part of Los Angeles. I picked a set of poems that most reveal its influence.