Happy 2016!

[picture of me]

Hi! I'm Wyatt Underwood. That is, I'm the Wyatt Underwood who's a 73-year-old poet and host for poetry readings in or near Los Angeles, who was a Harley rider, who worked in the unmanned exploration of space and virtually went to all the planets but Mercury (well, and Pluto, but Pluto has been de-planeted), who tried to be a freelance programmer, and who was a programmer and database administrator and system administrator for a small to medium sized insurance company.

There are five or six other Wyatt Underwoods in the United States, but I only know one of them. I met him in Pine Mountain Club, a village in Kern County, but he has since moved to Santa Monica and we haven't spoken or corresponded in a while.

If you're one of the other Wyatt Underwoods, let me mailto formknow and we'll get acquainted, then I'll mention you in here too if you'd like.

Please feel free to roam this website and get acquainted with this Wyatt Underwood, me. It celebrates different aspects of my life, like the Harley riding, the unmanned exploration of space, oh, and the years in Brasil! I was born in this country, in Albuquerque, but was taken to the northeast of Brasil before I was three. I came back to this country for a brief and horrid year in first and second grade, then returned to Brasil, Recife that second time, and then was yanked back to this country when I was about twelve. I've lived here ever since, but suspiciously.

The website tells you a more coherent story, I think, and you can browse it in whatever order appeals to you. I mean for it to inform and entertain you. Let me know mailto formwhether it does.

Thanks for stopping by!

Oh, by the way, I call my website a homestead, and that too is explained in the pages that follow.

Happy browsing!