Wyatt Underwood's Homestead


(written newly for this version of my website)

Ah, sweet lady! Thank you for 30+ years of marriage. Thank you for all the right ways we've done it, and all the right things we've done. Thank you for loving me even when I'm stubbornly me, and for loving me still when I remember to be part of "we". Thank you for the peace and the quiet, and us working together even when in separate rooms, or cities, and at different tasks or projects. I love you.

Lindy drives a shiny bright red Fit, bigger inside than out, and with 10 cup-holders. It represents her life, bigger inside than out. She packs into it a whole lot of loving me, and still has room for a whole lot of community work, taking care of a friend, "grandmothering", reading, exploring computering, listening to and appreciating poetry and poets, and being a friend.

Thank you.

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