Wyatt Underwood's


Customizing Juneve

Ooo! Customize the Harley-Davidson FXSTB, aka the NightTrain. Where to start?

Well, Lindy had already decided the saddle and pillion seat needed to be replaced, and a low-back sissybar was needed, so we picked and chose among possible replacements. The sissybar we chose had a rack behind it for carrying packages.

Add more power to the engine? Yearn. But that's just silly. Hot rod the engine before I even ride it? No.

So if not power, then cosmetics? Wait, something more utilitarian. Lotsa riders like those little bitty straight handlebars, they're all the rage on racers. But I ride more to cruise - except when I accept the challenge of mountain highways. So a more traditional handlebar. Wait again. A little bit swoopier than traditional, the buckhorn bar. Yes!

Now for cosmetics. A different tank? No, that's just silly.

Oh! More black. Yes. A big feature of the look of the NightTrain was that it was black and chrome. Just black and chrome. More black would emphasize that. So black powder coat on the front wheel rim and hub and on the handlebar. Where else? The muffler shields? No, I don't want to risk messing with their thermal conductivity. The rear wheel? No, it's already black and chrome, but flat black, and pretty well enclosed by the fender and suspension and cover for the belt drive.

Ah! Twisted spokes! They sparkle as they whirl.

Anything more? No, that'll do. Enough and not too much. To my eye.

Saddlebags? Not permanently mounted. I don't want a semi-car. Ah! Bags that attach to the sissy bar and rack. Of course.

Ooo! And a detachable windshield, to mount for long rides. Perfect.

And that sufficed, then and still.