Welcome! Bem-Vindo!

[Photo of a log cabin in the real Old West]

Happy 2003!

Yes, welcome! You can tell, I hope, homesteading's long since begun. Folks stop by to lend a hand, rest a spell, and offer advice. Pull up a rock or woodchunk of your own, take a bowl of virtual chili if you like it hot and spicy.[Image of a bright red chili pepper] Tell your host what you like or don't, or just enjoy the views.

While you're here though, visit some of my rooms and potential rooms in the cabin. [Small image of construction worker]

Have you ever just picked up and moved a cabin? Me neither. Best you can do, just about, is carry off as much as nature hasn't gotten to, one way or another, and reassemble it at your new location with new logs (cured some) and new chunking for sure. Hope you find the changes interesting and worth the effort.(grin)

A word here for the good folks who make this new site available, and a salute to the host of the earlier version of this site. (By the way, "homesteading" is a wonderful metaphor once used by GeoCities.)

This page is now hosted by Solo Web hosting, a service of Aplus.net, one of the oldest independent ISPs and happily expanding. If you're ready for a rented website, be sure to check them out. They have good rates and several useful plans. (I don't know them very well yet, but they're good neighbors - they keep to themselves, but they're available if or when you need a hand.)

If you're not quite ready for that, but would like to experiment with a website anyway, visit GeoCities, one of Yahoo's many services. They provide websites free for individuals, and have several other plans as well. If you register for one of their free websites, they provide you plenty of tools and resources for assembling your own homestead or even your own mansion.

"Homesteading" is also an excellent excuse for a Western theme for this site. Come back and see how I carry it out.

This is all for now. Thank you for stopping by, come back sometime.

Most recently updated 1/17/2003